Submitting a Damage Claim is Easy!

1) Simply remove the packaging ie. cardboard, plastic wrap etc.
2) Take photos of your whole plant from the pot to the entire plant.
3) If the damaged part(s) can not be seen with ease from the photo of the plant, send a close up of said damaged section.

Key to a Successful Damage Claim

1) Please make sure that all photos are not blurry, pixelated, dark and in JPEG/PNG format so that we can clearly and easy handle your claim(s). 
2) Make sure to keep the plant in the same condition it was received. (Don't repot, trim, remove leaves, etc.)
3) Time is of the essence, please send your damage claim as soon as possible, ALL CLAMS must be sent within 48 hours of delivery. 

Send your damage claims to and will get back to you shortly!